We're excited at Freeport Church to announce the completion of our new website. We're presenting a modern and engaging way of communicating our church identity and purpose. We're excited about the opportunity to engage with our community. We're excited about the opportunity to make life a little more beautiful. We're excited for the opportunity to grow. 

We invite you into the weekly conversation with us. We'd like to journey with you. Here on the blog page we'll be conversing about the different aspects of life and community. Anything is up for discussion on this page. The hard aspects of humanity, the things that challenge us. We believe in being open to the world around us. We believe in Open Minds. 

So be open to grow with us, be open to this new blog, be open to entering the discussion. Stay tuned here on the website and like our Facebook page, FreeportChurch7. 

Come Grow With Us,  Freeport Leadership


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