Each and every one of us has a story to tell. Our lives are synonymous with stories. The pen never stops. Thats what's truly captivating about life, isn't it? We thrive off stories, our imagination is charged by a good story. We communicate best through stories.

I've always struggled to tell a good story. I've waited in lines, sat at park benches and lunch tables striving for the realization of a good story. I've made things up, exaggerated reality. I've searched for the right form of expression. But what I'm learning, the best stories are the ones grounded in real life. The best stories are the ones connected with today. There are hundreds of open doors associated with today. Today is a story.

How will you speak meaning into the story of today? How will you give existence, life?

May your story be one of beauty and fullness. May it be one of vibrant experience. May it be a story worth telling.