Ever cry when an onerous task is finally through? You know, the one you kept putting off, turning a blind eye to?  The task you kept ignoring inspire of the pleas of your spouse or boss?  I have.  As recently as yesterday.  

For me that task is spelled t-a-x-e-s.  Pure tedium to a free-spirit like me. The receipt tallying, calculator pushing, rule reading and re-reading is enough to make me pull my hair out. I hem, I haw and I put it off. Which is why our family files for an extension every year and why I’m writing this in July and not April. 

Through all the receipt tallying and calculator pushing, the rule reading and re-reading this week, I asked myself one question:  What would be the one thing that would make this task easier?  The one thing that would make the subsequent steps streamlined or even unnecessary.

Accountant types are probably filled with suggestions right now.  An envelope system. Handle receipts right away.  Cutting back.  Doing more.  Stand on your head while inputting.  

That’s not the point. Not the point of this essay at least.

The point is: there is something different I can do, and I haven’t done it.  Nor have I asked. 

The pain of these last weeks is great enough that I’m finally willing to ask. The pain is great enough that I’m finally willing to consider change.  

In the Bible, this is called repentance.

Luckily, as Christians we know on the other side of repentance is relief.  But on the other side of repentance is also change.  Maybe that’s why more Christians find themselves stagnating. 

Just for today consider repentance.  What does it really mean?  What can it contribute to your dilemma? Why is it almost a forgotten word in today’s world?



Photo by Ben Cheung from Pexels