Looking at this picture makes me laugh!  The contradictions fairly shout.  It could be entered in a caption contest.  Amish farmer gets away from it all…  Weekend boater defeats the fast pace of life…

On a deeper level, I sometimes wonder if this juxtaposition is what people see when they view me. Are there anachronisms in my practice of Christianity?  What if folks notice that I don’t wear much jewelry, does that really matter if I’ve been known to curse a blue streak?  What if I eat healthfully to excess, but drive a car that outpaces my income?  What would you think of a pastor that snarks at his wife?  An elder who ogles young flesh?  A Christian teacher who comes off as boastful? 

“By their fruits you shall know them,” famous words from an iconic preacher, The Christ.  Perhaps the mark of the a true Christian is to be ever aware of how far off the mark you are!  Humility and forgiveness makes the wheels of family life and church life go round.  

Lord, forgive me where I have not represented your character aright.  Help my words, and more importantly my actions, express what is important in life. Help me be more like YOU, so that I do not bring reproach to Your Name.  Amen.

Photocredit: Ron Browning · Pontotoc, MS, Used with permission