DaVinci’s The Last Supper.  Rodin’s The Thinker.  Paris’s Eiffel Tower.  NYC’s Twin Towers aflame.  These are iconic images.  To speak of them creates an unforgettable picture in our mind.

What makes these images this way is that they are masterfully constructed, surprisingly anti-conventional, or memorably historic­­­. Through the years they have come to communicate to the general populace more than the sum total of their parts.  The Eiffel Tower expresses Paris the way nothing else can.

That’s why the expression iconic you is such a juxtaposition.  "Me in the same league as Da Vinci?" you're thinking.  "Who would miss me if I were suddenly gone, the way the Twin Towers were missed when they were suddenly obliterated?  A few handfuls of people, perhaps, but not a nation."  Iconic means world-class, means unrepeatable, means distinctive and defining and delicious and deliberately done.

And that’s exactly why the author placed those two words side by side in the title.  You are iconic.  You were deliberately constructed and distinctively defined…by the Almighty God, no less.  Your personality is delicious to this Creator.  Your foibles, fancies, failures, flairs and flourishes all uniquely iconic to him.

And He would miss you.

You were deliberately constructed and distinctively defined…by the Almighty God, no less.

Yes, the Creator God would miss you if you weren’t in relationship with Him.  Let me restate that.  He misses you already when you are not in relationship with Him.  And He thinks heaven will be much poorer if you haven’t already accepted the Grace he offers to cover your foibles and failures.  I mean, after all,  who has your smile?

He completely understands that “epic fail” that you experienced not long ago in the computer game of your life.  Perhaps that failure is why you don’t see yourself as worthy of the adjective “iconic”.  Even though you’ve tried to reboot, the injuries still linger. Your life line is fast dwindling.

But rebooting does not call for more determination or further education or New York hutzpah.  Nope.  It merely takes humility.  Why not consider this gift of Grace today?  Why disappoint a God who so lovingly created, so precisely designed you that there is only ONE of you?  

This “reboot” will have lasting consequences.

It’s a simple matter.  But it’s a crucial matter.  This “reboot” will have lasting consequences.  Why not bow before your Creator and say, “I’ve messed it all up, please help me!  What can I learn of You today…and how?” 

Without those words, our God is missing out on you!  He can barely stand the wait!  He wants to welcome YOU!  He wants to be in relationship with iconic you!