It's about time…
To make the change you ought to make
To take the steps you ought to take
To say those words you ought to say
To make the choice to choose today
To let the past stay in the past
To start anew and make it last
To raise your sights to higher things
To make the break and try your wings
To choose the battles you will fight
To stand up strong for what is right
To let compassion rule your soul
To give to kindness full control
To let your focus henceforth be
To live in peace and harmony
To seek the best for you and others
To call all humans sisters, brothers
To value most not earthly things
To know the joy that sharing brings
To sacrifice with willingness
To find, in giving, happiness
To keep an eager open mind
To learn to see and not be blind
To other people’s point of view
To seek alone what’s good and true
To make a habit in your ways
To find less fault and more to praise
To keep a humble heart that’s strong
To let what’s good defeat what’s wrong
To smile and laugh and whistle more
To contemplate the ocean’s roar
To listen to the songs of birds
To speak in truth the kindest words
To not stress out when things go wrong
To let you heart be filled with song
To learn to pray and meditate
To learn with patience how to wait
To be the best that you can be
To ever stay, in spirt, free
To do the best that you can do
To trust in God to see you through
To never, ever be content
To stay the same, for you are meant
To be improving, ever growing
To add to knowledge still more knowing
To use the talents you’ve been given
To make on earth a bit of heaven
To overcome what evil does
To break you down - to rise because
To stay above is victory
To live your life abundantly
To opposition don’t give in
To not let foolish follies win
To not be vanquished by the bad
To not be long depressed and sad
To from all bondage be set free
To keep that inner liberty
To not let sorrows keep you down
To not let water make you drown
To swim against the tide: you must
To in a Higher Power trust
To not lose hope, no matter what
To always give it all you’ve got
To never be afraid to ask
To learn to better do each task
To never be afraid to cry
To weep with those who weep, then try
To make the best of what remains
To find new strength in spite of pains
To concentrate on what is best
To leave behind you all the rest
To meet each challenge with a zeal
To not be bound by how you feel
To strive for more than second place
To laugh at trouble in the face
To find in failures lessons learned
To build a boat by bridges burned
To, when its helpful, make amends
To turn your rivals into friends
To go at least the second mile
To always seek to reconcile
To find the path forgiveness takes
To keep in mind your own mistakes
To offer love without restraint
To serve with joy without complaint
To plant the olive branch of peace
To work that all abuse may cease
To always give a second chance
To pray in every circumstance
To hold no grudges in your heart
To make each day a fresh new start
To never pick up any stones
To throw at other’s breaking bones
To run the race of restoration
To never lose determination
To rise above the muck and mire
To keep in balance each desire
To be aware of things that tempt
To dare to dream what none has dreamt
To give creative freedom room
To bud and blossom, burst in bloom
To make an effort now to seek
To exercise your faith, though weak
To let it root in fertile ground
To not by earthly things be bound
To worry not what others think
To grasp ahold the missing link
To fear not doing something odd
To, hand in hand, walk on with God
To venture forth in faith believing
To find out asking is receiving
To find out just what may transpire
To make what’s best your heart’s desire
To not forget that when you choose
To seek your will, not God’s, you lose
To daily let His Spirit in
To humbly walk with Him, you win
To keep priorities in line
To not neglect the stars that shine
To contemplate the universe
To live “for better or for worse”
To honor all commitments made
To not responsibilities evade
To not lose hope, nor faith, nor love
To be as gentle as the dove
To be as wise as serpents are
To cast out fear and cast it far
To walk by faith and not by sight
To change what’s wrong and make it right
To follow on to know the Lord
To make a plowshare from your sword
To learn from wisdom’s worthwhile ways
To memorize a valued phrase
To make your motto something strong
To guide you daily, straight and strong
To take each step in life with stride
To keep a healthy humble pride
To make each day a day that counts
To learn the necessary bounce
To obstacles that hit you hard
To stay alert and be on guard
To make the most of all life brings
To learn from burns and scrapes and stings
To seek each time that they occur
To become stronger than you were
To not be hesitant to try
To set your sights upon the sky
To look beyond the here and now
To ponder what’s beyond, somehow
To take the challenge to advance
To something more than simple chance
To get a glimpse of something more
To let imagination soar
To grasp and hold adventure dear
To draw the future close and near
To live your life with passion’s zest
To find out for yourself what’s best.
To do what only you can do
To dream and make your dreams come true
To let the One who made you show
To you the finest way to go
To, in the end, more than achieve
To, from His lavish love, receive
To find in Him your faithful friend
To give you life without an end
To make from brokenness the whole
To outperform your highest goal
To daily live with joy inside
To daily in His light abide
To walk in darkness never more
To walk right on through Heaven’s door.