With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we asked a few people to share their experiences with love and relationships.  Last week Anne eloquently described an experience this last year that lead her to more fully understand and appreciate her husband of many years.  This week Julie found a letter written to her by her mother 10 years ago this month, describing the initial encounter between her and her husband, Keith.

Once upon a time in Freeport, Maine, two special people met - Julie and Keith.  The date was in early October, 2004, PTA alumni weekend.  Was this just a chance meeting?  Definitely not.  This meeting just had to be planned - and I believe our great and awesome God planned it.
After the divine worship service, Julie, boys and I stayed for potluck dinner.  As I looked for a place to sit with enough room for all of us I saw an empty table, well, almost empty.  There was one man sitting at the end, so I decided this table would care for us.  Because I thought it best not to ask people to crawl over me, I went to the end of the table and sat next to the gentleman.  He was a very friendly fellow and we immediately started an animated conversation.
We were chatting about PTA, the years he attended, if he knew my son, Dan, etc.  when he saw a young mother and a baby and mentioned that he was glad he didn't have to start over again. The words were barely out of his mouth when he said, "What am I saying?  I do have to start over again. " I proceeded to ask why and learned that his wife of many years left him about 2-1/2 years ago.  He told me he had 2 daughters.  I tried to encourage him and assure him that he would be fine-it just takes time.  As we talked more, I asked him if he was interested in finding someone again, that I worked at a college and if he told me what type of lady he was looking for I could probably find someone nice for him.
I have no idea how the next words out of my mouth, but I said to him, "as a matter of fact, there is a classy lady sitting right at this table whose husband left her 2-1/2 years ago and she happens to be my daughter."  With that he looked up at her and then back to me and we continued talking.
Julie had no idea what we were talking about.  When she finished helping the boys with their meal and they went on their way to play, she moved down and sat across from me.  She later told me she was very curious as to what we are talking about.
I excused myself to go get dessert, returned to bit later to find Julie and Keith talking animatedly.  When it was time for us to leave, she asked me for a pen and paper.  In the car, she said, "He asked for my phone number!"  As we were driving along, I said, "Julie, wouldn't it be amazing if the person God has planned for you live right in your back yard?"
Keith returned that evening for basketball game  -Julie was playing on the Alumni Team.  He walked us all out to the car.
The next Monday included a two-hour phone call.  Wednesday was dinner out and Sunday a visit to the Fryeburg Fair. Wow!
At this writing, it is now 3 months later and things seem to be full steam ahead.  Praise God for his leading and awesome care.