A few months ago I attended a worship night hosted by one of my favorite musical worship authors, Bethel Music. I was so excited. I'd listened to the videos, sung the songs in church, learned the guitar parts. This night was going to be filled with my favorite hit singles. I was ready. I'd even donned my favorite worship leader outfit before heading to the event. Haha!

I snuck into the theater and found my $15 seat. I quickly ditched it in hopes for a standing only spot. Luckily, I found one. I'd entered into the hardcore section of the room. The "praise pit", if you will... In the build up to the show I was approached by a short lady. I was surprised she came so close to the stage. We were still ten people back, she couldn't see anything. I expected someone of her stature to be standing on a chair looking for a view. 

"Are you ready to get slain in the spirit?" she asked. I was unnerved at first at the question and struggled to respond. You see, my faith tradition rarely worships with that physical intensity. I bumbled over telling her that no, I had never been slain before, but was excited to encounter God that night. She laughed and said she'd pray for the spirit to rain on me. I thanked her and she went off inquiring of even more people. 

I had to admire her, her intensity and fervor. There was nothing that would keep her from God's presence that night. As she walked away I smiled. I hoped to be a little more like her that night. I wanted to be with God, it's why I'd come. Her devotion wasn't just mental, it actualized itself in her physical being. If we believe that God created our bodies as beautiful art and temples, we should aspire to worship with the beauty and dance that they can create. I love the story of king David dancing naked and unashamed before the Lord. Our physical worship honors God.

Worshiping that evening with Bethel was an evening to remember. We sang a song called Deep Cries Out and let me tell you. We all danced. 

May we be a little more excited and a little less reserved when we gather together to worship. May hands be raised and hearts be lifted. May our hips begin to sway and our legs begin to dance. 

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